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Dutch translation

I live in a world of duality. In my world I recognize a field of oppression and systems and a field of freedom, equality and love.
The field of oppression prefers to work with emotions such as fear and anger. But recognize in every emotion a way to frame and split, so  wholeness stays out of sight.
The field of equality and freedom works from love and recognizes in every emotion a force field of creation and connection.

My body is a portal of both fields.
My head so my thoughts are at the service of the field of oppression.
My heart is at the service of the field of equality and love.

Both my head and my heart are receiving transmitters.
The head receives all signals within space and time.
My heart picks up all signals outside of space and time.

My head selects information for me that I have a reference to and breaks it down for me into bite-sized chunks, which I perceive as my thoughts.
My heart offers to me all intact information, which I recognize as inspiration.

My mind reasons in cause and effect and wants to explain everything.
My heart is free in what it feels in every now moment again and again.

Both fields have a lot of influence on my environment.
The field of oppression also speaks to other people through my mind.
The heart speaks to other people through my feelings.

Because both fields speak through me in word and deed, I experience both fields as unpredictable.
I experience my thoughts as unpredictable and erratic.
I experience my heart as unpredictable and stable.

My scope is enormous.
It may just be that both fields use something through my head and heart, so through me, that has an effect on the other side of the city. It is also possible that my words or actions in a moment of time other than spoken have an effect.
My heart understands this very well, for it receives and works beyond space and time.
My head grabs on to everything to be able to explain and frame it.

I've been taught all my life to be in control through my thoughts.
All my life I've learned not to take feelings seriously and to hide them away.
I've had bad thoughts about myself all my life.
I've felt guilty all my life about all the bad things I said to other people.

I have disregarded all my explanations.
My sum of all my experiences told me that I was allowed to feel everything.
No more explaining with my head. I don't think about my feelings anymore, but my feelings are fully experienced.
Always connected in my heart. At the service of the field of equality, freedom and love.
I have decided that I am taking leadership in this field.
The heart is my source.
And slowly I manage to tune my receiving transmitter head to my heart field.
I stand for equality, love, free will, creation, inspiration, connection.
Every feeling and every emotion is my wealth.

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