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Children In My Hologram

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Dutch translation

A pandit, also a good friend, once said to me: "All the children of the world are your children".

Today during my meditation I was able to make all the children of the world visible in my hologram.
I saw them all around me and that made me so happy. Now I could easily connect with their heart from my heart. I could fully observe them and saw the different situations they were in. I saw how almost all of them could not be complete from their own core. The accepted or excessive adjustment expectations from their environment are a huge block.

The way I used to look at my class, I now looked at all the children in the world. The connection made me feel so much trust, security and love flowing from me to them. My being was huge, so they could all navigate in my energy. They took a breather and a spark of recognition. My enormous feeling for them sounded like a song that they were very receptive to.

They too, with us adults, create this reality. They are all beautiful creatures. And what an unprecedented power they have when connected together.

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