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What exactly is an assumption or a belief?

An assumption is a fact that you are convinced of that is made without direct evidence.
This is a movement that the brain likes to make.
The brain even interprets feelings without further investigation.
That hinders you from making further inquiries into the truth of your thinking.

If you let go of the assumption in your emotional world, completely separate from the framing effect of the brain,
information about the assumption will be released in yourself.
More information than you can ever imagine, but in a different way.

That is why it is a challenge not to let your head explain something immediately.
Not what someone else says, but also not what you think or feel yourself.
And if you do have an assumption or a statement, use your imagination to experience what it does to your feelings.
Your feeling does not judge, and experiences in the broadest sense of perspective.

Examine all the assumptions in yourself.
Even those who quietly crept in.
By feeling them you can sense the deeper truth behind each assumption.
Also tiny assumptions that have a big effect on your consciousness.
But every time you start to feel an assumption, you stretch your imagination.
This gives you more insight and more information on what truth actually is.

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human perception sets energy in motion
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